Harold Pine Authors Article in Entrepreneur Magazine, You’ve Sold Your Business: Now What?

After countless years of hard work, taking big risks and meeting obligations in an aggressive competitive environment, many entrepreneurs are left wondering what to do next after they have sold their business. Managing Director of Chasefield Capital Harold Pine authored the article, “You’ve Sold Your Business. Now What?” published in Entrepreneur magazine, which provides an effective blueprint for entrepreneurs who are searching for new opportunities to invest their proceeds effectively without taking time away from family, hobbies and the next stages of their lives.


Transitioning from a business owner to an investor is far more difficult than most entrepreneurs imagine. Taking that lump sum of cash and investing it to last a lifetime requires a different strategy and approach. By considering a family office with an independent professional management team, it can provide invaluable insight into strategies to preserve wealth, manage it responsibly, guide philanthropic endeavors and be there for subsequent generations to ensure preservation of capital investments.


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