Capital Trends for the Ultra-Wealthy: Harold Pine Authors Article in Luxury Daily

Due to the low financial returns and high rate of monetary fluctuations experienced over the past 15 years, individuals with a net worth of $30 million or more are taking a closer look at their financial affairs. Managing Director of Chasefield Capital Harold Pine authored the article “Capital Trends for the Ultra-Wealthy,” published in Luxury Daily, to discuss effective capital trends that the ultra-wealthy can take into account when making investments.


One such trend is investing in a family office or multi-family offices. When experiencing long periods of low returns and occasional periods of high volatility, it is important to focus on unveiling hidden costs by being transparent with all the significant expenses. The desire for efficient services has encouraged the ultra-wealthy to begin seeking performance, customization, consolidation and oversight through a family office or multi-family offices, which offer cohesive, cost-efficient and collaborative platforms that put investments, financial planning and estate guidance under one roof. Investigating options thoroughly can be time-consuming but in the end, finding the right solution for the circumstances will be a worthwhile one.


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