Creating wealth and maintaining wealth are two different strategies. Creating wealth is taking idiosyncratic risks and managing specific investments or entities. Maintaining wealth is using a diversifying strategy, and examining returns and risk in a unified manner. You then decide on what risk you need to take and which risks you would like to take.


Your family’s needs are specific to your personal appetite for risk and knowledge of various investment instruments. Many financial institutions have predesigned investment strategies from which you choose. This allows them to be economical and efficient in their delivery. It is a productive option for many investment portfolios, but once you reach a certain level, most financial institutions cannot deliver customized platforms. For example, if your family would like to invest in a specialty private equity opportunity in Canada it is not feasible for conventional institutions to deliver the analysis and attention to such an investment.


Our platform is investment policy statement (IPS) driven. If you desire, you can decide on the types of investments you’d like to participate in, and we deliver a policy around that structure. Chasefield provides guidance on the IPS process, and we help your family create a profile that is in line with your values, philanthropic ideals, investment understanding and goals. Additionally, we provide the investment particulars around returns and risk to assist in a productive IPS.

 Our Process

In creating an IPS, it is necessary to evaluate expected returns and risks of various potential assets. These assets then need to be constructed in a portfolio to deliver the long-term results your family desires. We use both a quantitative and qualitative process to construct your portfolio. This is computed for both public and private market domains.


Portfolios are monitored and reviewed regularly delivering both accounting and performance-related analysis and are measured both on a relative and absolute scale. We create custom reports that incorporate the components your family is most interested in reviewing. This will include value-at-risk expected versus actual returns, and daily accounting from our custodian TD Ameritrade.