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Alicia Giltinan Authors Article on Family Wealth in Family Business Magazine

In the Family Business magazine article “Why Do Wealthy Families Fail?” Alicia Giltinan, the Chief Financial Officer of Chasefield Capital, explores the various definitions of failure and offers guidance on how to mitigate adverse outcomes among families with substantial resources.    “Wealth can create a false sense of security that one doesn’t really need to create […]

Expected Tail Loss – Beyond Value at Risk

Harold Pine discusses in Foundation and Endowment magazine the impact of large losses in portfolios. He looks at how investors may not have a true picture of losses when using well recognized quantitative methods. Foundation and Endowment Magazine    

The Difficulty in Return Forecasting: A Probabilistic Approach

Savvy investors understand having working knowledge of return forecasting is key when constructing portfolios. Still a hot and heavily debated topic is means variance modeling, which can be the most difficult to predict. Research has gotten better and there are new ideas for measuring returns. Managing Director of Chasefield Capital Harold Pine, authored the article, […]

Harold Pine Authors Article in Entrepreneur Magazine, You’ve Sold Your Business: Now What?

After countless years of hard work, taking big risks and meeting obligations in an aggressive competitive environment, many entrepreneurs are left wondering what to do next after they have sold their business. Managing Director of Chasefield Capital Harold Pine authored the article, “You’ve Sold Your Business. Now What?” published in Entrepreneur magazine, which provides an […]