What We Do

Engaging the services of a family office is the first step towards creating a relationship with a partner that ensures the responsible preservation, deployment, and management of your family’s financial, intellectual, and human assets. We strive to couple this with successful coaching of multiple generations to continue long-term family asset stewardship. A family office acts as your own personal company and provides an objective, reliable, and responsible management solution.

Personal Guidance

We coordinate the activities of your legal, financial, and general advisers into a coherent structure that serves your family’s long term objectives and needs.  Additionally, personalized planning and assistance are tailored to suit each family member’s individual needs and aspirations. Understanding the sensitivity of family dynamics, changing relationships, and future challenges requires discretion, experience, and insight.


Many financial and legal advisers have an inherent conflict of interest if their compensation is based on the sale of financial products rather than the quality of advice given. As a family office and personal representative, Chasefield Capital represents only your interests and is not motivated by commissions or other incentives.


High net worth individuals and families often deal with multiple professionals including accountants, tax advisers, brokers, bankers, insurance agents and lawyers. A family office’s job is to oversee and coordinate all activities to ensure the achievement of your own personal objectives. Chasefield evaluates the quality of advice given with the ultimate goal of achieving more targeted results and cost savings, and to ensure that the philosophy of the family’s asset deployment is executed.


Your family office takes an active role in preserving and maintaining your assets. We can assist in financial planning, asset management, estate planning, tax planning, family education, and philanthropy in order to lay the foundation for your financial affairs  to be wisely managed over many generations.